Thursday, 16 January 2014

Party Bags you would be proud to give out!

Missy Moo turned 3 this week. As much as I am sad to see my baby growing up so fast it is also amazing to watch her become more independent and observe as her little character develops each day. For Missy Moo's birthday we decided to go to a soft play with 12 of her best friends. Anyone who knows me will know I love a themed party and it was very hard to stand back and let the soft play organise everything. I had guessed that the little details would be missed as most normal people don't go quite as OTT as I like to for a kids party! So this year I decided to enjoy the stress free party and ordered everything online. My best buy for the party were these amazing party bags from Dagmar Paperpixies . The party bags are themed down to the smallest of details. I loved everything about them! Missy Moo is a huge Peppa Pig fan so I ordered the Peppa Pig in Pink for the girls and blue for the boys. The bags were all personalised with Missy Moo's name and thanked her guests for coming to the party. Inside were resealable bags filled with fantastic gifts, all colour coordinated and personalised from the birthday girl.

The children adored these party bags and I loved how hassle free they were. The best thing about the bags is the price. Dagmar Paperpixies start their party bags at £2.70 on ebay and you can pay extra to add on items. We went for the basic range which was more than enough for each child. One parent commented on how generous I had been with the party bags! 

So if you have a party coming up don't hesitate to contact Dagmar Paperpixies, they offer a whole range of different designs that will be sure to please your little ones and their friends. I'm secretly waiting for a reason to by the One Direction theme bags!!

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