Monday, 20 January 2014

Living Arrows 3/52 - Photo Bomb!

Mr O is now 5 years old and has recently found out about photo bombing! I'm not sure where he first heard about it but he is really perfecting his skills to photo bomb any photo. I have a feeling that when I reflect on my photos of 2014 Mr O will appear in many of them in some random way!

This week I was completing an online course on lighting and was studying Natural Window Light. Missy Moo (prior to going swimming) was kindly helping me out by sitting by a window and then sat as I used a reflector and then feathered the light. It was at this point that Mr O saw his opportunity and literally pounced on it.

The connection between the two of them in the last photo melts my heart. The pure amusement they found in this split second was a memory I am so pleased to have captured.


living arrows



  1. Oh wow, I love that last photo! What a great capture!

  2. So cute! Great lighting and expressions! Love how these images really capture personality.

  3. Thanks everyone! I love taking photos of them enjoying themselves!


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