The Kids

My children and the reason for this blog!
Introducing Mr O! Mr O is 5 years old next week and is a wonderful, caring child who truly wants to please and for everyone to be happy. He sticks by the rules and does constantly ask me when I'm driving what the speed limit is and if I am going too fast! It's getting harder now he knows his numbers up to 100 and can read the sign says 40 but mummy is driving at 45, he's like my onboard policeman. Mr O does what he is told and never went through the terrible two's. However Mr O does worry about life! We seem to go through Mr O stages which included being scared of singing time, a vicar, loud noises, his back being touched and our latest is holding onto his poo. We try to offer Mr O a safe, secure and loving home and together we work through these little phases. Although at the time it sometimes seems we will never get there but we always do!
Mr O was born prematurely at 35 weeks after I spent quite a lot of time in hospital with bleeding through my pregnancy. He was a remarkable premature baby weighing in at 6lb 11oz! For the first few days of his life he was on a machine to help him breath and was tube fed for 2 weeks until his sucking reflex developed. Mr O has always struggled with his chest and breathing and whenever he gets a cold it will go straight to his chest. As he is getting older this is getting better and we don't end up in hospital every time he has a cold now.

Missy Moo is 2 years old....nearly 3! She did go through the terrible two's which started at about a year old! She is the complete opposite to Mr O. She is opinionated, stubborn, carefree with the most adorable sense of humour. Nothing worries Missy Moo and she finds it quite amusing if she has upset you. Missy Moo would choose to sit in the naughty corner rather than helping to tidy up and she will always tell you how it is. She has an instantly loveable character with her 'tell you how it is' approach to life. Missy Moo can also be very loving, occasionally you will get a huge hug from her. She likes to sleep in at the moment and wakes singing Christmas Carols. At her two year Health Visitor checkup she did land me in it when I told the Health Visitor that Missy Moo no longer drinks her milk from a bottle to which she replied "I do have bottle!" Mook as Missy Moo likes to call it is her one guilty pleasure. She does adore her mook both morning and night and at the moment we are happy to let her indulge this pleasure! Neither of us are prepared to take the grief by taking her bottle of mook away from her either!
Missy Moo unlike Mr O was overdue, I ended up being induced nearly 2 weeks after my due date. Her birth was very different to Mr O's with a more natural birth. Having the opportunity to cuddle her straight after giving birth was something  I will always treasure.


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