Tuesday, 28 January 2014

CM Blog Circle Week 4

I am super excited to be joining a group of very talented photographers for a 52 week project. The group consists of photographers who are professional, hobbiest, experienced and me the newbie photographer!! I'm hoping I can keep up with their standards but if I can't I will enjoy learning from them! Each week a new theme will be released and we have a week to interpret the theme.

This week the theme is 'My Town'.

We live in the UK in a small, friendly town. My children go to the same primary school as my husband attended. I met my husband in Middle School and many of our friends have also decided to stay local and raise their children here. There are lots of old people and not a lot happens! This week I decided to photograph the church that is in the centre of our town. If you go anywhere you go past the church as it sits on a crossroad with four sets of traffic lights.
Take a look at Dani's blog at Lilac Blossom for her great interpretation of the theme, she had the fantastic idea to create a postcard for her town!


  1. Sounds like a charming town Rachel! Beautiful photo!

  2. Rachel, I love this. Gorgeous details!

  3. Rachel, your town sounds like a lovely town! While it may feel like not a lot happens there is comfort in that too. Nice details in your shot of the "strong, sturdy, anchor" of your town.

  4. I'd come visit in a heartbeat. :) I've dreamed of visiting the UK my whole life. Great texture and detail!


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