Saturday, 4 January 2014

My first Breakout - Photographing Your Everyday

Breakout Course - Photographing Your Everyday by Lacey Meyers
I have to admit once I had finished this breakout I thought it was okay, average, a pleasant read but I didn't think I had got a lot from it. Until I went to pick up my camera! First of all my daughter comes skipping past me totally naked with just her favourite fluffy slippers on. My instant thought is "I've got to photograph that" even if it is just to embarrass her when she brings her first boyfriend home. I grab my camera which thanks to Lacey is out on the kitchen side. I use to lock my camera away in a camera bag, stuffed into the wardrobe to be brought out like a crown of jewels for special occasions or when I felt like forcing my children into a photo shoot. Lacey's breakout made me realise I need to capture the everyday. Missy Moo is turning 3 next week and it wont be long before those chubby legs, innocent eyes and toddler giggles will be a thing of the past. With my camera I have the opportunity to freeze these precious moments in time. So rather than hiding my camera away it is now left out (in a safe place) which is easy to grab when these spontaneous moments occur.

Before taking the course I would have gone for a full body shot, probably from the back to include her little bottom. But then I would have missed the cute little rabbits on the front, the part that Missy Moo truly loves! I remembered Lacey's advice to tell the story.... what was important to me... I wanted to capture the little chubby legs with the oversized slippers so that is exactly what I did! The shot isn't perfect, a slightly lower angle might have helped but I think I have achieved what I set out to do. I like the light pouring in from the window behind and the soft shadows falling on the floor.

I then went on to edit the photo and a couple more I took from the morning. Suddenly my work flow was halved (which gave me time to write this blog!) I thought I was quite good with Lightroom and Photoshop but Lacey includes some free photoshop actions in the Photographing Your Everyday Breakout. These really saved my work flow and I never knew how to batch edit and run scripts. As soon as I opened Lightroom I found myself checking back to Lacey's video to check how she starts her editing.

I now don't feel the Breakout was average, it may not have turned my photos into award winning images but it has really made me think about the way I photograph my children. I am guilty of getting stressed previously when they wont stand still, or pose in a certain way to achieve the look that is in my head. I've bribed my children, I've begged them, I admit I have even got stressed with them on more than one occasion! But through Lacey's tips throughout the Breakthrough I have a new way of capturing them. I don't want to give it all away otherwise people wont want to buy the breakout and Lacey can explain it much better than my ramblings! But the breakout will and already has improved my photography and the stress levels in my house!!


  1. I love this picture, so sweet. I arrived at your blog through your Living Arrows shot about which I think it brilliant. I'm a uk mum who's been skulking around on the Clickin Moms forums for ages but never taken any of the courses but maybe I'll step up now after reading your review. Any tips?

  2. Hi Caroline, I am really new to Clickin Moms, but I have taken the Photographing your everyday by Lacey Meyers and The Magic of Childhood breakouts. Since taking these I have started to look at my photography in a new way. Both of these weren't really on the technical side of photography more about what to look out for and ideas. I have just started the Intro into Natural Light course today, the first weeks info is huge!! I'm just working my way through exposure and metering. I think its just what I need now! Nice to meet another UK mum photographer x

  3. Loved this breakout too. Lacey does such a good job of really explaining everything from start to finish. Welcome to CM!


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