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I am a mum of two gorgeous children, Mr O aged 4 and Missy Moo aged 2. In our busy, chaotic household my poor, long suffering husband puts up with me, my over the top ideas and my demanding ways that everything must be done now and cannot possible wait until a later date. My son has recently started school and with that I thought my life might get easier but to ensure this doesn't happen we added a Miniature Labradoodle Puppy to our family (which I should point out has nothing miniature about her!)

I would love to blog about the 'Super Mum' that I am and all the wonderful, enriching things I do with my children. Unfortunately I am far from a cape wearing, large breasted hero that flys around spreading laughter and educational activities throughout my spotlessly clean household. In reality I am a stressed out mum on a mission to bring up two happy children amongst the hectic life of working, cleaning, shopping and not to mention the other tasks I can never say no to! I am that mother at the school who forgets its Mufty day, teacher training days and my child's drink on his first day (sorry Mr O).

So why the blog I hear you ask....to be honest I have been asking myself this question to! I constantly beat myself up about the things I don't do, the times I miss out on my children whilst I am working and end up comparing myself to other fantastic mummies on facebook and blogs wondering if their lives really are that perfect. My main love (apart from my family) is photography. I want to capture and freeze time so I can remember the children at this gorgeous age. I don't want to create a perfect life through staged photographs but want to truly capture their personalities and life. This includes the messy house, the chocolate around their mouths and the smiles along with the tears. I'm hoping this blog will turn into an online baby book for them to treasure in years to come...or be totally embarrassed when they have to sit through it with their first boyfriend or girlfriend!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I would love you to leave a comment.
Rachel xx


  1. Loved reading this Rachel. By the way, it sounds like you're a very "Super Mom." Being super has nothing to do with being able to "do it all" but everything to do with just being yourself, loving your kids and living passionately along the way. Sounds like you're doing exactly that!! Love how you capture normal life with your family. Just a little photo encouragement to add a self portrait to this post...

    1. Aww, thank you! It's on my list of things to do, I really need to be in more photos with my kids. I'll set myself the challenge to do one this week!


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